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Fullmetal Alchemist

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Distributor: FUNimation Productions, Aniplex
Original Story: Gen & Cindy Fukanaga
Volumes: 12
Rating: TVPG
Anime Rating: F

All Edward and Alphonse Elric wanted to do was resurrect his dead mother.  Unfortunately, they tampered in God's domain and now must pay for it.  In an unthinkable accident, Edward literally lost an arm and a leg.  And he was the lucky one.  Al wasn't so lucky, he is now just a soul grafted onto a suit of armor.  Now the two travel the world seeking the one thing that could return both of them to normal.  But it won't be easy, with the State Military and a team of weird demons after them.

Review: This was more interesting than I thought it would be.  It takes some getting used to at first but once you get into it, you'll be glad you did.  I was intrigued by the alternative history aspect of it (it takes place between WWI and WWII).  While it has a format similar to FUNimation's other series, the fusion of action, magic, history, and mystery give this amalchamated (no pun intended) series its own feel. 

Action Level: 4/5
The use of alchemy in battles (such as forming blades and shooting energy blasts) was very sweet.  True it made the sereis seem like an overgrown fantasy novel but hey who doesn't love that?

Romance Level: 2/5
There are a few relationships between minor characters.  It seems that Winry is rather "affectionate" towards Edward.  But seeing as how Al doesn't have a body with which to... ahem... well... it's not like she has a whole lot of choices.

Comedy Level: 3/5
The running gags about Al being the Fullmetal Alchemist and about Ed's height get old after the tenth episode.  Even though he is short, he's still muscular than other kids his age.  And speaking of muscular, that muscle-bound guy in the Military is so stupid it's hilarious.

Adult Level: 3/5
They show lots of intense fights and bloodshed but nothing too bad.  Pretty on par for a FUNimation anime.

Drama Level: 3/5
They go into the whole "who is human" question.  Do some dabble on religion vs. science.  I think they could've gone into that some more.

Overall Level: 3/5
Well-scripted with lots of visuals and interesting characters.