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Mobile Fighter G-Gundam

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Distributor: Sunrise
Original Story: Hajime Yatate
Volumes: 12
Rating: 13+ (Fantasy Gundam Violence)
Anime Code: A

Every four years, the Colonies orbiting over Earth hold a Martial Arts Tournament called The Gundam Fight.  Each colony sends a fighter and a giant robot called a Gundam to Earth.  The Gundams would fight until only one would stand over all.  The colony that Gundam represents would rule the others until the next Gundam Fight.  Domon Kasshu is Neo Japan's Gundam Fighter and pilots the incredible Shining Gundam.  But Domon has a personal stake in the Gundam Fight.  He must find someone and defeat him or an incredible evil will reign down over all.

Review: This is entirely different from the other Gundam series.  Instead of all-out war or even elections, a series of games like the Olympics are held (if only we could resolve all our political situation through such means).  But since this is Gundam we're talking about, war, death, love, and hate are bound to take a pivotal role in deciding the outcome.  The characters are very animated in their personalities.  I really liked it when it aired on Cartoon Network.

Action Level: 5/5
Humans and robots fight instead of just robots.

Romance Level: 4/5
While romantic pairings are hinted throughout the series, the main pair, Domon and Rain, are my favorite.  They manage to go through all of love's trials even going so far as to fight each other (long story).

Comedy Level: 3/5
It can be funny at times, but nothing like the subtle humor other Gundam series mention.

Adult Level: 2/5
The unedited versions probably show blood and nudity.

Drama Level: 5/5
I think they overdid it just a little.  I mean Domon seems too angsty even for the situation.

Overall Level: 4/5
A good change from the usual Gundam layout.  They bring a more mystical quality into it.  I liked the names of the Gundams (Shining, Maxter, Bolt, and so on).  You should definitely check it out.