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Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

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Distributor: Bandai
Original Story: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Volumes: 6
Rating: 13+
Anime Code: A

As the One-Year War draws to a close, an elite Zeon Cyclops Team invade the Side 6 Colony in an attempt to destroy the Federation Gundam Mobile Suit being constructed there.  One of the Zeon pilots, Bernie Wilson meets and befriends Al Izuhara, a young boy who desires to be a Mobile Suit pilot.  Al is caught up in the Zeon's operation and learns just how horrible war is.

Review: This was a little different from the previous two.  While the previous two were action-based, this one was drama-based.  But I think that of all the Gundam series, this one was the most "real" meaning that, if real humans were in a Gundam-like situation, this is how it would go.  On the negative side, nothing much happened until the end.  I think they could've extended it by another two episodes, maybe throw a recap in there. 

Action Level: 2/5
There wasn't much action in it until the battle between Bernie and Chris.

Romance Level: 2//5
They did the same thing in Final Fantasy: Unlimited.  They aim at a romantic relationship but never developed it.  In this case, Bernie and Chris.  I also think that Chris had a little crush on Al but maybe it's just me.

Comedy Level: 3/5
Al's friends were cute-funny.

Adult Level: 2/5
That's definitely what war is like from the homefront.

Drama Level: 3/5
They didn't put in much drama until towards the end.  At the end, where Al breaks down, was probably the most dramatic moment of the whole series.  And they played it perfectly.

Overall Level: 3/5
I liked it, but I won't fork over 30 bucks for it.