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Legend of Lemnear

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Distributor: U.S. Manga
Original Story: Kinji Yoshimoto, Satoshi Urushihara, Norimasa Yamanaka
Volumes: 1
Rating: R (or it should be)
Anime Code: E

This is your basic fantasy story.  Lemnear, the "Champion of Silver" must defeat the legions of the Dark Lord and the wizard Gardein for revenge and to save the world.

Review: This is definitely one for all you die-hard anime fans.  It has everything a supreme anime fan would want right down to the naked women.  I didn't get into this as much as I did other animes.  The characters were pretty stereotypical.  The graphics were okay and the music was very intense-building.

Action Level: 5/5
The action in this movie makes Dragonball-Z look like Kiki's Delivery Service.

Romance: 2/5
The so-called "Champion of Bronze" is only there to be the love interest in that he doesn't do much else.

Comedy Level: 1/5
It was cute at the beginning, but that quickly falls out.

Adult Level: 4/5
Naked women, naked women, lots of bloodshed, lots of gore, lots of swearing and more naked women.  Did I mention the naked women?

Drama Level: 4/5
The final battle mixes action and drama.

Overall Level: 3/5
I couldn't find interest in it, but I bet people who are really into anime would.