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Zoids: New Century Zero

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Distributor: Pioneer, Viz
Original Story: Unknown
Volumes: 6
Rating: 7+
Anime Code: F

"Organized under strict rules and regulations, Zoid Battles are fighting competitions held on enormous battle fields using mechanical combat units known as Zoids.  The enthusiastic young warriors put their pride on the line and sharpen their skills against one another.  Battle mode approved!  Area scanned!  Battlefield set up!  Ready... fight!"
Bit Cloud was just your every day junk dealer and drifter until he stumbled upon a Zoid battle between the Blitz Team and the Tigers Team.  It was there that he met the Liger Zero, a mysterious and ill-tempered Zoid with powers unlike anything ever seen before on a Liger Zoid.  Bit joins the Blitz Team and participates in Zoid battles for pride, honor, and cash.

Review: It is unsure whether this takes place in the far future of Guardian Force or in a different continuity all together.  Unlike in Chaotic Century and Guardian Force, where Zoids were primarily treated like wild animals, the people in this show treat them more like vehicles.  As far as the series is concern, it's one of those "meet, fight, win" much like Yu-Gi-Oh or G-Gundam.  And while it doesn't make it as good as its two predecessors, it definitely shines because it's the first Zoid series to be shown on Cartoon Network.  It's fun.  You should definitely check them out.

Action Level: 4/5
The action is on the same level as Chaotic Century and Guardian Force but in a different format (games, not war).

Romance Level: 1/5
Just flirting.

Comedy Level: 4/5
Comedy level on par with Chaotic Century.

Adult Level: 1/5
They often mention taking a shower but don't show anything.

Drama Level: 2/5
They could've added a bit more drama to it.

Overall Level: 3/5
It was pretty good.  The Zoids bare a 3-D quality that makes these Zoids look cooler than the ones that the two preceeding shows used.