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Transformers: Armada

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Distributor: Aeon Inc., S.D. Entertainment
Original Story: Hasbro/Takai
Volumes: 2 Box sets
Rating: TVY7
Anime Code: A

When two kids unknowingly awake an ancient race of miniature robots called the Minicons, they catch the attention of two warring factions of robots.  Now they are in a race to recruit as many Minicons as they can.  Because whoever controls them all will turn the tide in this age-old feud.

Review: They really broke the mold on this one.  For one thing, this is the first TF series to actually mention the word 'Transformer.'  Before then, the only time I heard the word in an episode is a G1 episode.  Another thing they did is that they didn't just have the Autobots win, but the Decepticons as well.  Although I think the three kids were a little of an annoyance.  I mean I know they were the ones to grab the panel and start this whole mess, but still.  I think this was much more "real" than previous series were.  They gave the Autobots more of a military look than the super hero groups of G1 and RiD.

Action Level: 4/5
The Autobots in this one are more of an army than a simple group.  Although Optimus still displays the compassion that his G1 counterpart had.

Romance Level: 1/5
I'm still looking for it.  If you guys see any romantic actions, please tell me.

Comedy Level: 2/5
The kids.  Even when they weren't trying to be funny, they were funny.

Adult Level: 2/5
It mentions death, but it's robot death and it's temporary so it's no big deal.

Drama Level: 4/5
It starts out with the slapstick that RiD had.  But then they pick it up and towards the end, it's gets very dramatic.  Especially the character conflict with Starscream.  I like him a lot better than the G1 Starscream.  The G1 was too cocky.

Overall Level: 4/5
This ain't your daddy's Transformers show, it's a deeper, more intense series.  Too bad it's not showing on CN any more.  But they have DVDs now so that makes up for it.