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Alias Title: Case Closed
Distributor: FUNimation
Original Story: Gen Fukunaga
Volumes: 4
Rating: TVPG (lots of murders)
Anime Code: G

Jimmy Kudo was once a normal high school detective with the keenest mind this side of Sherlock Holmes.  But one night, a secret crime syndicate gave him a strange potion in hopes of poisoning him.  But instead of poisoning him, it turned him into a kid.  Now he goes by the name Conan Edogawa and must help a bumbling detective solve crimes at the same time keeping his true identity a secret AND find a way to return to normal.  His motto: "With a keen eye for detail, one truth will always prevail."

Review: This was originally shown as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim at 1:00 in the morning which is why some of you probably never heard it before.  Unlike most of the animes I reviewed, there are no monsters or magical powers used.  This is just real people solving real mysteries.  And that makes it one of the most innovative animes I have ever seen.  Each plot is deep and full of hidden details that most people (myself included) won't recognize until the characters point them out.  This is a great change from the norm.

Action Level: 3/5
The action is brief but it appears to be vital to bringing the show to a conclusion.

Romance Level: 4/5
It's one of those childhood friendships that will eventually turn to romantic interest things.  I actually like it.  It's cute.

Comedy Level: 3/5
Detective Moore appears to be the comic relief of the show although some of Conan's reactions are pretty funny (watch Richard's Class Reunion (Pt. 1) to see what I mean) too.

Adult Level: 3/5
Murder, lots of murders.

Drama Level: 4/5
The way Jimmy/Conan solves mysteries brings a Sherlock Holmes-like drama to the show.

Overall Level: 3/5
This ain't the Boxcar Children, I can tell you that.  It's serious and the outcome IS vital to multiple people.  If you can stay up that late, watch it.