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Dragonball-Z: Super Android #13

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Distributor: FUNimation
Original Story: Gen Fukunaga
Volumes: N/A
Rating: 13+
Anime Code: H

Androids, humanoid robots created by Dr. Gero of the Red-Ribbon Army, arrive to try to kill Goku to get revenge for Goku defeating the army.  The most powerful of these is Android #13, who can combine with other Androids to form a super Android.

Review: This was the first DB-Z movie to feature Vegeta and Trunks at the same time and not a bad first time for them.  It was interesting to see somebody besides the usual suspects get some star time.  Of course, it still falls to Goku to save the day once again.  This is kind of redundant.

Action Level: 4/5
Less than the others because it doesn't start right off the bat.

Romance Level: 0/5
I'm beginning to wonder if Fukunaga has even heard of romance.

Comedy Level: 3/5
When Goku and Chi-Chi go to apply Gohan to a good school, Goku displays his usual naivete when dealing with society.  Krillin's face getting burnt and him and Gohan trying to put it out was another funny scene.

Adult Level: 1/5
Master Roshi and Oolong pulling Trunks to see "a show."  They don't get into very much detail about it.

Drama Level: 2/5
Typical DB-Z "thinks the enemy is defeated but comes back stronger than ever" deal.

Overall Level: 3/5
A nice shift from the usual DB-Z.