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Distributor: Bandai
Original Story: Project .hack
Volumes: 4 (one for each game)
Rating: 13+
Anime Code: G

This is a four volume OVA that takes place during the .hack video games.  It's about a group of girls who unite under the guidance of a former CC Corp. employee as they try to save the players who have been comatose while playing "The World."  But CC Corp. doesn't want anyone to find out and they're willing to resort to ANYTHING to get what they want.

Review: Each .hack venue is important to the overall story so to fully understand why only certain people are in comas, you need to watch Liminality.  However, they are only included with each of the .hack video games and each volume takes place during the game (it's kind of hard to explain).  You really have to immerse yourself in the .hack phenomenon to understand this OVA.

Action Level: 2/5
No fantasy battles here, just good old fashion real world adventures.

Romance Level: 1/5
In the first volume, Mai Minase wants to help free her boyfriend (though she says they're not intimate yet) from the coma but other than that, no romance detected.

Comedy Level: 1/5
It's cutesy.  Not exactly Sailor Moon cutesy but in that range.

Adult Level: 2/5
Think prime-time TV adult.

Drama Level: 3/5
I don't know if the OVA is trying to be funny or serious.

Overall Level: 3/5
If the OVA came by itself than I would buy it, but they're included with the game and you won't really understand it until you play each and every game.  See, quite the moneymaking scheme they have here.