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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

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Distributor: A.D.V., Bandai
Original Story: Shirow Masamune
Volumes: 7 (and one box set)
Rating: 13+
Anime Code: G

Join Batou, Togosa, "The Major" (yes, THAT Major) and the rest of Section 9 as they hunt down the worse cyber criminals in the world in this 26 episode series based on the hit movie.

Review: Don't expect too many philosophical debates in this.  This is pure sci-fi action.  The CGs aren't as good as the two movies (except when it comes to the opening theme music).  SAC gives a more cop show feel, taking away the harshness that the frst movie had.  The animation is watered down from the movie version.  Yoko Kanno was perfect for doing the themes and background songs.  She has that low tenor, almost raspy voice that matches the series.  SAC is definitely worth it with intense action and gripping mysteries.  We get a deep glimpse into the psyche of the characters, something that both movies don't go into very much.

Action Level: 3/5
Not as good as the movie, but reasonable.

Romance Level: 2/5
Batou's passionate cry at the final episode was more comical than it was romantic.

Comedy Level: 3/5
The Tachikomas, those mini spider tanks, talk and have female voices to boot.  They're so annoying, it almost makes me miss those three Zakos who performed in the Zako-Zako Hour at the end of most SD Gundam Force episodes.

Adult Level: 2/5
Very watered down.  Instead of stripping down to the buff to do her action like she did in the movie, they have the Major performing stuff in a tight pink halter top and jacket.  If you ask me, the halter top just doesn't suit her (no pun intended).  Now I'm not saying she should kick butt naked (though I wouldn't protest if she did), but at least put her in something more fitting like change the color of the halter top or put her in that skin-tight gray jumpsuit she's seen wearing on front of the DVD cover.  Oh yeah, and after episode 5, I started to question the Major's sexual preference.

Drama Level: 3/5
The drama in SAC is a Law & Order meets RoboCop sort of deal.  Each member performs his or her duty with the efficiency you might expect from professionals.

Overall Level: 4/5
Despite being watered down, Stand Alone Complex is the perfect companion to the movie.  There were episodes that would appeal to all audiances and the ending was (in my own opinion) fitting.  I really want to watch SAC 2nd Gig now.