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Distributor: Anime Works
Original Story: Genco
Volumes: 7
Rating: 7+ (even though it features blood, nudity, violence, etc...)
Anime Code: B

Tsubasa Shina is a timid ten year old girl who just moved to Hokaido from Tokyo (for those of you who are confused, it would be the equivalent of moving from NYC to Kansas).  One night, she sees a UFO crashing in her back yard.  When she goes to investigate, she discovers a down alien called D.D. and is immediately attacked by a monster called a Magular.  Upon touching a living metal called Ribers, she becomes a bio-android and kicks the Magular's butt.  But that isn't the startling part.  The Ribers leaves her with a clone named Hikaru who is more or less Tsubasa's exact opposite.  Now Tsubasa and Hikaru must pass as twins at the same time use their ability to form the bio-android Figure 17 to destroy the Magular.

Review: This series really surprised me.  At first, I thought it was a weakly-showed.  But it gets better, much better.  I saw the final volume at an anime convention and it was breathtaking.  It made me smile and cry at the same time.  It was more than watching an anime, it was like watching life progress itself.  It's long, but overall hardly boring.  A definite get.

Action Level: 3/5
Seems to be more of an afterthought.  But the action is very intense.

Romance Level: 2/5
It's there, but come on, they're 10 years old.

Comedy Level: 1/5
Some parts are funny but it's mostly serious.

Adult Level: 3/5
Naked ten year old girls in the first episode.  Big-bust android in almost every episode.  A few bath scenes.  But they don't really show anything risque.

Drama Level: 5/5
Oh man, this entire series focuses more on Tsubasa's growth spiritually.  I think they could've cut out all the fight scenes if they wanted to but decided not to just to fill in an hour.

Overall Level: 4/5
Very beautiful graphics, good music, a plot that gets more intense as it goes on.  Check it out, you might be surprised.