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Distributor: Miramax, 4-Kids Entertainment
Original Story: Satoshi Kon
Volumes: N/A
Rating: G
Anime Code: F

Ash and the gang arrive in a venician town called Altomare.  There, Ash discovers the brother-sister Pokemon team Latios and Latias.  Latias, who has the ability to transform into a duplicate of a girl called Bianca, takes a liking to Ash and they quickly become friends.  Latios is very protective of his sister but he warms up to Ash as well.  When Latios is captured by a couple of Team Rocket members named Annie and Oakley, Ash and Latias must race to the rescue before the entire town's destroyed.

Review: When I first saw this in the theater, I expected another flub like 4-ever.  I was partially right.  That ending scene caught me completely by surprise though.  And before, I thought 4-Kids were prudish.  They really took a dare throwing that kiss in, even if it was part of the original movie.  I mean  kids who were half my age saw that.  Half of those kids didn't seem to be surprised by the kiss.  And as for the half that were, well... I expect their parents to be giving them "the talk" in the future.  The scenery was great and the sprinkle of cg effects was good too.  But I bought this movie simply so I could see that final scene again.

Action Level: 2/5
There weren't too many Pokemon battles in this one.  Mostly it was just a whole lot of running.

Romance Level: 3/5
Okay, I think even an eight year old could tell that Latias had a crush on Ash.  Why else would she help him throughout the movie and then KISS him at the end.  Oddly enough, Misty didn't seem to be jealous.

Comedy Level: 2/5
Jessie and James provided their usual "quality" of comic relief.  Annie, the "blonde" of her team of Team Rocket, was pretty funny up until her partner got into that machine.

Adult Level: 2/5
Could be because Ash was kissed romantically for the first time by a Pokemon but that's just me.

Drama Level: 2/5
It was very dramatic towards the end, with Latios sacrificing himself to save Altomare.

Overall Level: 2/5
I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Pokemon short "Camp Pikachu" actually was more interesting than the actual movie (well except for the end of course).